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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

the future

So I've been looking for a full time job recently so that we can save more money for a down payment on a house. Our lease is only a one year and we both would really like to buy a house when it is up next year. Its hard to not think that we are back tracking though. Glenn has a good job but I need to start pulling my own weight. You would think that I would have more motivation too since Glenn said we can start trying to have a kid when we buy a house. I'm ready now but it is a smarter idea to wait. There has been so much going on recently too that we really do need a break. We've had big huge life changing events this year.....and I think its time to relax and enjoy life for a bit.

It started with our marriage issues last November/December around our 1 year anniversary. But we worked through that and went to counseling. I found a new found love for my husband. Soon after we worked it out he got a job offer in Colorado. It seemed like perfect timing so that we could start over in a new place. So we moved to Parker, Co on May 18th. Which was another huge life changing event. We don't know anyone here and that's hard to do when you're in your late 20's. We were adjusting well I think, we went hiking and enjoying ourselves just the two of us. Then on June 18th Glenn got a phone call from his dad saying that his younger brother Alex died. We flew back home for the funeral and got to see family. Bad circumstances to go home to but it was really nice to see familiar faces after not having that for a month. Its hard to not get homesick. and now the latest thing is on Wednesday this week i have to get 6 teeth pulled. I am freaking out about it because they have to put me to sleep and I have to have an oxygen mask and two other devices attached to my arm/finger. and I am just not looking forward to it. The oral surgeon said it would only be about an hour, which is crazy to think about. and he said 5 of them would be a piece of cake but one is going to be painful afterwards cause it is a wisdom tooth coming in sideways. I have plenty of soft food to eat the couple days afterwards when its healing. Its just the unknown of who knows when I'll feel better. couple days, weeks or a month? I hope it doesn't take a month because my parents are coming to visit a month from then. Which I am so excited for.I'm really bummed I'm missing my mom's birthday on August 4th.

 Its hard not having and friends here. I miss the people I know and love in Pennsylvania. I wish it was easier for me to pick up a phone and call them. I know its silly but I just always feel like I have nothing to say and I really just want to know how they've been. I want to know whats going on where I used to live. Cause nothing is going on here, I'm just getting more homesick every day that passes.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Welcome back

I needed a break. But I'm back now and doing much better. My husband and I decided to move from Pennsylvania to Colorado. It finally happened. and the timing was perfect. We moved on May 15 and arrived in Colorado May 18. I really like it here. The mountains are gorgeous and the people here are so happy and nice. Quite the opposite from Philadelphia.
There has been a lot going on since we've moved here. But what is coming up is I have to get my wisdom teeth out next Wednesday. And I'm so nervous for that. I know just about everyone gets them out sometime but now its my turn. Its so nerve wrecking. My oral surgeon is really nice but they have to hook me up to oxygen and anesthesia and a whole bunch of other machines. He said it should be a breeze except for my one tooth which is growing in sideways....