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Friday, July 27, 2012

Welcome back

I needed a break. But I'm back now and doing much better. My husband and I decided to move from Pennsylvania to Colorado. It finally happened. and the timing was perfect. We moved on May 15 and arrived in Colorado May 18. I really like it here. The mountains are gorgeous and the people here are so happy and nice. Quite the opposite from Philadelphia.
There has been a lot going on since we've moved here. But what is coming up is I have to get my wisdom teeth out next Wednesday. And I'm so nervous for that. I know just about everyone gets them out sometime but now its my turn. Its so nerve wrecking. My oral surgeon is really nice but they have to hook me up to oxygen and anesthesia and a whole bunch of other machines. He said it should be a breeze except for my one tooth which is growing in sideways....   

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