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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Cheers to a New Year!

So tomorrow is the start of 2014.. and I do like making resolutions for myself to become better.
So I've decided to do one for me and one for fun.
The fun one is I'm going to attempt the photo a day challenge. 
I feel like this should be easier then before because I have an amazing new camera my husband ( and siblings and in-laws) bought me for Christmas :) 
((Its the Canon Rebel t3i and I'm in love))

I have found past challenges on pinterest and I've decided to follow their suggestions.
Here is an example of what I mean :
photo a day december - Google Search

The other resolution is actually many because I am creating a bucket list for 2014. I feel like that will get accomplished faster then a life time bucket list. 
So here goes, in random order.

30 things to do the year I turn 30
1.Visit a state I've never been to
2.Do something I've never done before
3. Try 5 new foods
4. Go camping. In a tent.... not in the backyard
5. Hike a 14er
6. don't freak out about turning 30
7.Go to a concert
8. Stand a mile high at the Coors Field at a baseball game
9. Go on a vacation out of state
10. Give up pepsi, for real this time
11. Go one whole month without spending money (besides groceries)
12. Get promoted
13. Get pregnant
14. If Glenn lets me.... go to NYC on New Years Eve next year
15. Ride in a horse drawn carriage
16. Go Ice Skating
17. Plant a Tree
18.Go on a road trip
19. Ski or Snowboard in Colorado
20.Carve my name into a tree  (sorry tree)
21.get a tattoo
22. Throw a party at our new house
23. Go to a Canvas and Cocktails with a friend
24. Try yoga
25. Open an Etsy shop for photography
26. Be more Organized
27. Stop being late
28. Complete 30 Random acts of kindness
29. Do a Color Run
30. Try out Canning

We shall see how it goes! Happy New Year everyone!!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Feeling alone

I needed to write this for me.
Most people don't know this but Glenn and I are ready for a family.
Its been difficult for us. Its been harder on me for obvious reasons. 
He doesn't think we need to worry about it... it'll happen eventually...etc
I always thought I didn't want kids. Until the day I turned 27.
It was kinda like a switch, I all of a sudden needed a family. 
I think it freaked out Glenn a little because it was so night and day of a switch.
Now I am 29 and still no kids, and I guess its a little silly but I'm stressing out about it.
I know, that doesn't help. 

The hardest part is I don't feel like any of my friends, or anyone I know is having problems getting pregnant. 
In fact, I think I'm the last one of every single married person I know to have gotten pregnant. 
Its so frustrating. Its also hard when I don't have any support here with this issue.

I don't think certain people understand how difficult it is to get pregnant. I've come across people who don't understand why its been taking so long for us. Honestly I'm not sure why either. 
Its very disheartening. Especially in my life, people around me are getting knocked up without even trying.
"Surprise... I wasn't ready for that."
It seems to always happen that way. 
   Its not fair. 
and I feel like I'm running out of time.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

We bought a house!

So I'm a little behind since I just started writing again.  
In April this year we bought our first house.
Its blue, just like my parents first house and we love it!
It did need a lot of work since we bought a HUD property. 
Everyone asks us where the front door is. 
But in Colorado its more common to have the garage in front then the door.

Here are the before pictures: 

our master bedroom before
Its awful isn't it?
the kitchen
which didn't come with appliances that worked. 

and the staircase that I despised from the beginning. and the awful ceiling fan in the dining room

and the basement, which was finished but very dirty.

These are the after pictures
i know this is a bad picture, but the basement looks so much better
still don't love the wood staircase, but its a good enough face lift for now
the new and improved master (minus that one wall... we were waiting on new windows.
I'll have to take an updated picture of the house now that we are all settled in

It was a lot of work, and we did most of it ourselves.
We got rid of the popcorn ceilings.
My mom and I painted.
We got new carpet and appliances. 
New windows in the Master Bedroom.
My dad redid the wiring in the kitchen because he found illegal wiring in the wall.
( no wonder the microwave didn't work )
my dad renovated our guest bathroom too. 

I love this house <3

Monday, February 11, 2013

no spend month

So I saw this post online  No Spend Month and I thought that was such a fantastic idea. Glenn and I are moving soon and trying to save as much money as we possibly can so I thought.... why not try ?
I think it was a fantastic idea to get into the habit of not spending unnecessary money. I, of all people, need that the most since I make impulse purchases. I'll see something and say oh its only..  5 bucks...  10 bucks or however much that is and then get it.

Well this is going to be the end of that. I'm giving us $250 for the month of March. but I don't want to wait to start then so for the rest of February I'm going to say $150 since we just spent 100 bucks on groceries this week...
And really, there is only two of us so if that family of 5 can do it, we should do it no problem.

I've made a list of all the items we have in our pantry/fridge so I'll be able to plan meals better. As long as I can stay away from Target I should be good with no spending splurges.

*side note, this does NOT include bills (car payment, rent, phone bill, etc) So obviously the things we have to pay every month is going to get paid. This is just all the extra money.

Our brand new house's backyard and me!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

so we lost it all

I came home from work today to see my husband very upset. He said that we lost the house. I was in a little bit of disbelief...they had already accepted our offer. We had a home inspection this week..
He said our realtor called today and said in the contract he accidentally switched two letters. That apparently made the contract no good. So the house is going on the market again tomorrow. The only hope we have is he is supposed to call the listing agent and tell what happened. He made a mistake, not us. Hopefully they will let us keep the house since they originally accepted our offer. I don't want it to go on the market again because there were 5 other offers on the house, we barely got the acceptance in the first place. There was just a couple hundred difference in our favor. (which ironically is because our agent put his commission lower so our net pay would be higher.)    Ironically he got us the house, and now he is the reason we lost it.

Its safe to say that we are devastated. The house needed work, and we were looking forward to that. We wanted to rip out the carpet and paint the walls and redo the kitchen. I was in heaven with remodeling that house. It was perfect. I envisioned us living there and starting our family there. I was picturing a nursery in one of the bedrooms. and now its gone.

I don't know what to think. We had it, and suddenly we don't because of a technical error. Two Letters misplaced.  You would think they would let us just redo the contract. Why do they have to take it away and put it back on the market?  We have to start over again from the beginning. And what if someone puts in a higher bid this time and they get it.

I guess it isn't the end of the world. I'm sure many people go through much worse then this. I guess I should feel lucky that this is the worst of my problems. Maybe we weren't supposed to live there. I don't see why, but maybe there is a better place. I don't want to keep looking. I liked our realtor. But if this falls through we'll have to find another realtor.