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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Its been a long time

People get depressed for many reasons. I'm not sure how my depression started but I know I've been this way for years. I know what adds to it is the fact I can't get pregnant. I'm turning 31 this month and we've been ttc since I was 27. Its been a long road and I see no end. Just despair. I hate that I'm still hoping and praying for a miracle. But truth is I don't deserve one.
Another thing adding to my depression is the fact my Grandfather passed away this year.

 I am still completely devastated.

If I wasn't married and living in Colorado I'm pretty sure I'd be at my grandmothers house every single day. I miss her terribly, but its nothing compared to how much I miss him. Cause I know I'll never see him again. The grief is just overwhelming.